Field Recorders / Mixers

Mix & Record, Isolate Master Audio Files, Client & Director Feed, Camera Mixdown.

Sound Devices 688T - 12 input / 16 track / Digital Hard Disc Recorder with Ambient Timecode (paired w/ Sound Devices SL-6)
Sound Devices 633 - 6 Channel / 10 Track / Digital Hard Disc Recorder with Ambient Timecode
Sound Devices 702T - 2 Channel Stereo Recorder with Ambient Timecode


Boom Mics, Shotgun Mics, Lavaliers, Plant/Hidden Mics, Stereo Mics.

Schoeps CMIT 5U - Shotgun Boom Microphone
Schoeps Mini CMIT 5U - Miniature Shotgun Boom Mic
Schoeps CMC6 MK41 - Interior Supercardioid Boom Mic (x2)
Schoeps M/S Stereo Rig - MK8 + MK4 = Stereo SFX/Ambience/Cool Stuff
DPA 4017c - Supercardioid Boom Mic
Sennheiser MKH 416 - Shotgun Boom Mic
DPA 6061 - Premium Subminiature Lavalier Mic
Sanken COS-11D – Industry Standard Lav Mics (x12)
Countryman B6 - Subminiature Lavalier Mic
Omni Gooseneck - Wireless Plant Mic, Visor/In-Car Footage, Podium Mic

wireless audio

Talent Mics, Boom Op Systems, Mono & Stereo Camera Hops, IFB's, Comtek's, Director Feed.

Lectrosonics SM Series Transmitters – 250mw Miniature Transmitters (x10)
Lectrosonics SMDWB - Wideband Miniature Transmitters w/ Onboard Record Function (x4)
Lectrosonics HM – Wireless Boom Op/Handheld Mic Transmitter (x1)
Lectrosonics SR / 411a Recievers (x12)
Sennheiser 2000 Camera Link - Mono Camera Feed Wireless Systems (x4)
Sennheiser IFB/Comtek - Comtek/IFB/Client Headset Receivers (x6-10)


Digital Slates, Camera Lock Boxes, Master / Slave Systems, Frame Accurate Jamming, Drift Protection, Editor Day-Savers.

Denecke TS-C - Digital Timecode Slate (Mini Display)
Denecke TS-3 - Digital Timecode Slate (Large Display)
Tentacle Sync - The new standard in timecode sync - 30 grams of rock solid synchronization. (x6)
Moze Gear Q28 - Miniature Timecode Lock Box.  Print audible timecode to DSLR cameras (x2)
Moze Gear Tig - Timecode Lock Box.  Prints audible timecode to DSLR cameras (x2)

hardware / misc

Weather Protection, Battery Distribution, Monitoring Equipment, Expendables.

K-Tek 202 CCR - 16’ carbon fiber wired boom pole
K-Tek 152 CCR - 13’ carbon fiber wired boom pole
K-Tek 102 CCR - 9’ carbon fiber wired boom pole, travel ready
Beyerdynamic DT 770 - Headphone Monitors
Sony MDR-7502 - Client Headphone Monitors (x8)
Cinela Osix 2 - Boom mic suspension (x2)
Cinela Cosi - Exterior boom mic suspension
Rycote 4 System - Wind Protection Kit with zeppelin, shock mount, and windjammer                    
Rycote Cyclone  - High Wind Noise Reduction System and Shock Mount (x2)
Rycote Stereo System - Wind Protection Kit with zeppelin, shock mount, and windjammer for M/S stereo recording
Petrol - Mixer bag with harness & rain/snow protection (x2)
Sound Devices - 15’ ENG style breakout cable/return monitoring system (x2)
Remote Audio BDSv4u-  Battery Distribution System (x2)