Element Sound is a production sound company based in Minneapolis, MN started in 2009.

Like many in the production industry I grew up with, and still maintain, a strong passion for music and the arts.  At age 12, I bought my first drum set with paper route money.  That set the course for constant noise making, a half dozen or so bands, secondary education at IPR where I received a degree in audio engineering, a half dozen more bands, slightly more refined noise making, and eventually establishing my own company recording location sound for television and film.  It's been a fun path to navigate, and these days the majority of my time is spent on set capturing and delivering superior production audio across the globe.  I've been fortunate enough to have recorded sound throughout the US as well as multiple countries spanning 5 continents.  If I'm not recording sound I can be found enjoying live music, producing my own tunes, exploring delicious craft beer, gourmet hot dogs, and long walks on the beach.

Great sound starts at the source.  That phrase has become my work mantra, of a sort.  A wise old sound-sensei once told me to invest in the best and to skip buying twice.  With that in mind I choose to own and maintain the best tools the production sound industry has to offer, and therein aim to elevate the quality of each productions' final product.

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- Nick